What makes us Different???


Airline Ground Schools is the ONLY school in the world Approved by the FAA to offer its unique Online Aircraft Dispatcher Instruction.  Our students are able to complete 152 of the 200 hours required for FAA Certification, online, at their own pace.  This innovative, interactive online instruction prepares the dispatch students for their final step toward certification, our intensive 6 day residency program.  Yes...  Only six days of in class instruction and you can earn your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate.

AGS now offers an interactive Distance Learning course consisting of 11 subjects, 30+ PowerPoint presentations & videos with quizzes totaling over 120 hours of material. Call for details! 1-800-824-4170 or click here to learn more.

We are also the ONLY school in the world approved by the FAA to allow students with no aviation experience to enroll in our accelerated online training for Aircraft Dispatchers.  Our online training will allow a student new to the aviation industry, to attain an FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate which is valid in many locations around the world.

Airline Ground Schools offers an exclusive 100% online Aircraft Dispatcher Recurrent Training course to keep Dispatchers on the cutting-edge of their industry.  

Purple Classroom

Students hard at work - February, 2015